June 2015 Newsletter

Catching up

One of the duties of this rescue is to keep our volunteers, friends and supporters up to date with our activity. I fear we are very much behind. Hopefully with this issue we will bring you up to date.


Winter Woes

This past winter has posed challenges for both horses and humans. Volunteers braved the cold and snow to provide care to our residents and shoveled mountains of snow. For the first time in 35 years we needed to hire front end loaders to clear the parking lot and pathways to pastures. Twice.  In spite of hardships we all survived, welcomed spring and moved on.

Wind at our Sails

Tory Leuteman, a valued volunteer of 5 years has joined her husband in his retirement to spend more time sailing their boat up and down the Maine coast. Tory was a faithful Monday barn worker and organizer of the Lasagna Dinner and Silent Auction. She will be sorely missed, but we wish her sunny days, calm seas and gentle winds at her sails. Congratulations, Tory.

Help A Horse Day

On April 26th we participated in ASPCA’s Help a Horse Day to bring awareness to the need and work of equine rescues by holding a parade in West Kennebunk, followed by a Meet and Greet at Mousam Saddle and Harness Club Show grounds.  Attendance was smaller than hoped, but very enthusiastic.  This event qualified us to compete on a National level with other rescues for an ASPCA grant. Results will be made public by months end.

Senior Project

Virginia Klemens, a student at Columbus Academy, Columbus, Ohio joined us in all areas of our work to do her senior project. She arrived on May 15th to spend 10 days at the rescue.  Her happy disposition, willingness to help and learn and talents in photography and art were an asset to us. In her spare time she created some beautiful charcoal drawings to be sold to benefit the rescue. Thank you, Virginia!

On the road

Virginia was also able to join Mona, Lydia Boothby, barn manager, and Board member, Mary Koncel at Cornell Cooperative Extension’s, 2015 Horse Symposium in Ballston Spa, NY, to benefit their 4H program. We joined other adopters and rescues to explain the many ways to acquire a BLM mustang, including adopting from Ever After Mustang Rescue. Other organizations participating were HorseTenders, the U.S. Wild Horse and Burro Association and the Northeast Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Network.

Two weeks prior Mary and Mona were featured guests at “Thoroughbreds vs.  Mustangs” at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY. Beside their talk on factors contributing to successful and unsuccessful adoptions, the afternoon included the film “Wild Horse Wild Ride”, and a student poster session on wild horse issues. Recently the students returned from a spring break travel seminar to Nevada and California where they visited various wild horse venues.

On behalf of ever After Mustang Rescue, Mona thanks Elaine Larsen of Skidmore College and Carson Older of the Cornell Cooperative Extension for the opportunity to promote BLM mustangs, as well as the work and mission of the rescue.

United Way of York County Day of Caring

The rescue was grateful to be included as one of the local nonprofits to benefit from the United Way’s volunteer services to work on a project. Our project was to replace wire fence and build a 3 rail wooden fence to enclose a grazing area facing the road. With increased traffic along this once country road, the risk of accident or injury to horses and/or passing motorist were worrisome.

Although still in progress, we want to thank Portsmouth Naval Shipyard for their participation and for their volunteers that worked so hard, and to the Home Depot and Manager, Brandon Hardy for the donation of Quikrete to securely hold posts in place. Also a heartfelt thanks to our own volunteers, Jeff Goba, Valentino Troyli , Michael and Gabriel for joining in, and to Jason Ketterick of United way. Also to Thomas, who while in Maine for a week end visit managed to get a day’s work in. The horses are grazing quietly with only a glance to the new fence. YOU all did GOOD!  Many thanks.

Our Cup Runneth Over

On Friday June 6th, we had 5 volunteers from Idexx. They cleaned saddles and bridles, tidied cluttered areas and groomed horses. This is the second year for this group and we are looking forward to a third.

On June 26th we will welcome another group from Idexx and have a project ready for them.

idexx1 idexx2


Burt is a handsome 15 H, 4 year old surrendered to EAMR from a kindly adopter, who had done everything right to give this horse a good start. He felt he did not have enough time or experience to further his training. After only a few months with us, Susan Pye came along and with the time, ability and desire to give Burt a good home and future. Below is a recent update on Burt that Susan sent to us.

burt2 burt1

“I am forwarding some pictures of Burt and a note for the newsletter. One picture is the first time with his saddle on and another is the first time with me on the saddle on Burt! He’s had the saddle on more than a dozen times and accepts it very well. We ponied him for the first time last week and of course he did very well. He does act like a little boy though (being still only 4) and was a little annoying to the other horse but he’ll learn and I expect him to be great on the trails as not much bothers him. On one of our walks a dirt bike past us going back and forth four times and he never flinched! We will start doing more work with me in the saddle in the next couple of weeks. We have been at Sable Oak in Brunswick since February and Sherrye Trafton will be helping us work on our in saddle work. I also had a nice note from one of the ladies who volunteers at Sable Oak. She wrote me that she has very limited experience with horses and can lead very few of them. She was terrified when she heard that a mustang was coming to the barn but let me know that “your sweet Burt is one of the few horses I can lead.” We obviously changed her mind about what a Mustang can be. Burt has a great temperament and everyone loves him. He seems very content and just like me does like to get out of the arena and go on our walks. Can’t wait until I’m riding on our walks! Burt is the perfect horse for me! I am so happy with him! He’s my forever horse.”

Upcoming Events

Friday June 19th 6-8pm Holistic Practitioner, Lisa Kent will join us. She will demonstrate and explain her amazing work on two of our horses. Lisa is well known in her field, is a Maine native now living in Florida and has a busy travel schedule. She will answer questions. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and see these simple methods of healing.  A small donation can be made to the rescue.

Volunteer, Wendy Harris will represent us at the Saco Sidewalk Art Festival on Saturday June 27th which is open to area nonprofits. Wendy will be assisted by Rose St. Onge and Board member, Lynne Gaudette. They will pass out literature and talk about the mission and work of the rescue. For further interest the rescue will feature paintings done by our talented resident horses. Their enterprise is called “from the heART of a mustang”. Their paintings and their history will be available for sale. Be sure to find us.


Sunday, July 5th, our annual Open House with demonstrations, fun and games, educational presentations and plenty of horses to meet and pet. Light refreshments and door prizes round out the day. 1-4pm. Come and learn about our work and America’s proud and intelligent wild horses. This is a free family event but donations are accepted.

July 13-17th week long Wild Horse Workshop $150.00 Five 8 hour days.

This workshop is for persons interested in adopting and training their own mustang (or domestic horse breeds). It will cover basic understanding and communication to early training methods and advancing to preparing for saddle. Especially of interest to those thinking of adopting at the upcoming Mustang Makeover and adoption in Topsfield Massachusetts in August.  Limited to 6 participants.  Meals and housing responsibility of participants. Call Mona @ 207-284-7721 FMI or to register.

July 24, 25 and 26th Weekend Wild Horse Workshop.  An intense 3 days to be part of the training of a wild horse. $100.00 Limited to 6 participants. Register early by calling Mona @ 207-284-7721

Out and About

Watch for us as we make many public appearances around York and Cumberland Counties. We are spreading the word. Ever After Mustang Rescue needs your help to continue our work and to build a new and larger barn to accommodate the horses in need, expand our outreach and increase our educational endeavors. Only with your support and help can this happen, so very humbly, we thank you!