April-May 2016 Newsletter

Time passes so quickly these days and it is a shock to me that I have not updated everyone to events going back to April. So here is a long overdue accounting.

Our April Race for Hay was a month-long Internet game. Many of our supporters followed the weekly progress of their favorite horse to win this race. It was fun and exciting and the outcome most unexpected when in the final week, a donor moved Maude forward 50 paces ($250.00) to win the race! See complete race results here.

The race was part of our month-long effort to raise awareness for ASPCA’s Help a Horse Day 2016. The proceeds were to help pay for hay. The total amount raised was $1,260.00. As always, we are grateful to all of those who joined in and donated generously to help us feed the horses at Ever After Mustang Rescue.

Our actual Celebration of Help a Horse Day was held on April 24th, in the form of an Informational Open House. Over 200 persons attended and learned of our work, our mission and the many persons involved in running the Rescue.

Mustang handling by Lydia Boothby

Volunteers also provided fun with an equine-oriented craft table (Barbara Vennell, Sue Kelsey and others), face painting (Amie Romano) and balloon animals (Mike Harris) for the kids (and kids of all ages). Volunteers, Daureen Kierstead and Robin Bailey organized and manned the Bake Sale Table.


Other volunteers included, Board Members, Brad Jerome, Jr. and Lynne Gaudette. Also all those registering and guiding visitors through the barn and the volunteers showing the different aspects of horse care, healing and training, Hannah Clifford

Hannah Clifford
Hannah Clifford

(transitioning of a wild horse), Kathy Carpenter (TTouch), Kristene Aubin (equine dentist), Sharon Soule (animal communicator and Reiki Master). Our thanks also to Rebekah, our UNE Intern for her contribution to our work the past semester and all the UNE students who volunteered their time with us.



I hope I have not missed anyone. And I beg forgiveness if I have. Because………..

The efforts of many made the day a huge success. Everyone was smiling. We had lots of compliments, wonderful feedback and comments AND we raised over $4000.00.



Participating in The National ASPCA’s Help a Horse Day made us eligible to compete with  other rescues for one of several grants in the amount of $5000.00, $10,000.00 and the grand prize of $25.000.00. Our paper work has been submitted and winners will be announced by mid-June. We patiently await that announcement.



In the meantime work continues. The days are getting warmer and the horses are getting their first taste of the green grass. They lie down and roll in the pastures and absorb the sunshine. It is uplifting to watch. The abuses and suffering some of them have kid3experienced is behind and they are responding to the kind and patient handling they receive. Some are ready for their lifetime home. Volunteers are being trained to assist in the handling and basic training to prepare them for this. All is good. Our new barn is still a dream away, but donations are still coming in. It will happen.


The summer schedule is full. On May 28th we will be at Old Orchard Beach Ball Park as an invited nonprofit during their Kick Off Concert (more info on website events page). We have tickets available! Please join us there for a great day.

June 4th Both Mona and Lydia will represent the rescue at an ASPCA Conference in Richmond, VA, and the following week on June 11th in Athol, MA for the Wild Horse and Burro Events sponsored by Northeast Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Network and New England Equestrian Center at NEECA Equestrian Park, 660 New Sherborn Rd. Athol, MA.

Our Annual OPEN HOUSE will be Sunday, July 3rd from 1-4pm. There will be demonstrations, festivities, door prizes and surprises, refreshments and something for everyone!  Truly, a family affair! See you there.



On the lighter side…volunteer Susan Jones contributed this story :

Chit Chat with Chase & Chalupa

We’ve been part of this Rescue now for a while, and boy have we seen and heard a lot!  So we decided it was time to share our insight and observations, gossip a bit, and maybe tell a joke or two.  We hope you will join us and follow us in the newsletters!

There is something lurking in this barn.  It’s big and hairy, and we mean really hairy. We see it….we hear it.  It sometimes passes by our stall, quickly, and then disappears.  We see it peering in through the barn doors with a very intense look.  It doesn’t make a sound – just stares into the barn with huge eyes.

This beast goes by many names, Big Foot, Chewy Chewbacca, and Wooly Mammoth to name a few.

The horses don’t seem to mind it.  Some say it is a horse of course.  We say, maybe, but it’s hard to tell under all that long hairy fur stuff.  It ain’t no burro, that’s for sure.

Yesterday, Cherokee told us to get a grip.  Cherokee is our neighbor across the barn. He has been around you know – he was born here.  Cherokee says we need to relax, it’s just Foxfire (Foxy for short).  He says that Foxy has a condition called “Cushings Disease” that makes his horse hair grow like craaaaazzzzzy, especially in the winter.  Cherokee says that it’s a good thing that Ever After Mustang Rescue looks after him because he can’t control his body temperature like normal and he needs proper water and shelter.

Ok, well that’s not so scary. Meet our new friend Foxy! Whew!  Now we can go back to eating.

Foxy                                           Chase and Chalupa


On an ending note, I want to thank all of you for your interest in what we do, your positive feedback and your generous support. We survive on the donations you provide. Yet as we grow, so do our needs. You have been our donor base. I would like to ask you to help us grow the donor base by asking friends and family if they would be interested in making a contribution. Tell them about our work. Schedule a visit to have them meet the horses and those that work with them. Bring them to our events. If everyone interests one more, then we have doubled our numbers. Pretty amazing.

Also, remember we always need volunteers.


New Gator drivers!  There is a place and job for all volunteers.

Thanks for all you do and we hope to see you soon.


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