July 2016 Newsletter

Big news….

Lucky has found a home!

On Saturday June 25th, Lydia and Mona trailered Lucky to his new home in Connecticut. This brave little horse stepped right into the trailer for the 3½ hour trip. Most of the trip was on major highways with big trucks passing on both sides of us, yet he calmly unloaded at destination and was hand walked in the new environment by his new person. It really helped that Susan made several trips to the Rescue to bond with him and now in a strange place he had a friend, someone familiar and trusted. We wish them both happiness and many shared trails.



We received this special note from Susan:

Rory (formerly named Lucky) seems to be adjusting well to life in CT. Mark, one of the owner’s of the barn said he is a really cool horse and I have to agree. He has a “friend” in the paddock next door named Jiggy (Rory likes Jiggy more than the other way around). He has also met some of the other horses and I have been letting him say hello to his future pasture mates over the fence for now.

He loves attention and is responding really well to my work with him. I have been showing him around the farm and he is very curious about everything, not much scares him. He wanted to get on the old farm scale which is like a teeter totter but, I didn’t think that was a safe idea quite yet. He also kept looking in the window at an old chicken coop. I couldn’t figure out what he found so interesting in there and then I realized he was looking at his reflection. He thinks he is gorgeous. Don’t tell him I said so (I don’t want him to get a big head) but, I think so too.

Hope every one, animal and human, are doing well up there in ME. Rory and I will keep you posted on our progress.

Thank you for all you do!



Newest Sponsor

Kris Grenier has become an “In House Sponsor” and has chosen Ginger to help support on a monthly basis. This program allows the Rescue to provide for the needs of horses not suitable for adoption. If you have always wanted a horse but cannot have one, then this is the perfect solution. Sponsors receive a photo and history of their horse, quarterly updates and a scheduled visit. Not to mention the good feeling knowing you are helping the horse. (and a tax deduction)



Thank you!

Again, a huge thank you to all the volunteers who helped make the Annual ASPCA’s Help a Horse Day such a grand event. Although we did not qualify to get a grant from ASPCA we had a lot of fun and camaraderie and were a hit with our 100 plus guests.

On the Road

On June 4th, Lydia and Mona attended ASPCA’s Conference in Richmond, VA. It was great to meet with other Rescues, exchange ideas and address issues that confront us all. Being able to network on a national level is paramount in our work in helping horses. We applaud the ASPCA for their work.

The following week , on June 11th, Rose St. Onge and Mona drove to Athol, MA for the New England Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Network’s (NEWH&BAN) Summer 2016 Expo. Lots of our friends were there, both humans and horses. Even the all-day downpour couldn’t dampen their spirits. Much appreciation to Mary Koncel for all her hard work to make this happen.


The Activities and Fund Raising Committee have been meeting weekly to firm up the next few events. It will be a busy summer. Annual events are posted on the website, but there are a few that are in the works. This committee works very hard and can always use help. See, call or email Mona if you are interested.

News (and Laughs) Around the Barn

Our volunteers go above and beyond the call of duty.

Sharon certainly gets into her work!!

Matthew Dormanen presenting Mona with $45 from the Saco River Market Kid’s Table. We thank Matthew for this gift and his kind and generous nature.


Volunteer Profile

Little did Rose St. Onge know, when she entered the barn with her 10 year old son to teach him about volunteering, that she would still be around 11 years later! Her son is grown and gone but she stuck around. Her full-time job prevents her from being in the barn very often but her duties include keeping the Rescue out front on social media, handling press releases, and serving as the secretary at meetings, helping with correspondence and, most importantly, at our Annual Horse Show (October 10th this year!).

Mona’s greatest asset is that Rose is willing and able to wade through all of the computer work necessary to running the Rescue. Rose attends almost 100% of all meetings, is present at almost 100% of all fundraisers and activities and keeps the most precise records that benefit us all.

Rose works for Old Orchard Beach/Saco Adult Education and enjoys spending time with family and attending various concerts throughout New England.

We asked Rose why she does this for us and her response is that she likes to be helpful and stay busy. She has a skill set that brings value to the Rescue and is always happy to share it in any way that she can.

And you always see her smiling.

Thank you Rose!